Is a career path from scheduler to trader difficult?

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    Hello everyone,

    I am a new member here and was wondering if going from scheudler to trader is a difficult move? I saw that someone recommened this path in another thread on this forum. I work for a pipeline company in Houston and every now and then there are openings for natural gas schedulers. I would like to take a career path that would take me to a position as a gas trader. I am currently working as an Internal Auditor and was wondering if taking a gas scheduling position would get me on a path to a gas trading position? If so, how long does one usually need to work as a scheduler before they could be a serious candidate for a gas trader job?

  2. I would say that the majority of physical traders in this business started off as schedulers, take that how you will
  3. I would highly doubt anyone here has a clue and can give you a knowledgeable answer. But that won't stop them from trying.
  4. Agree, most likely paths are scheduler or risk along with right time, right place.

  5. Hahaha, I don't think you pay much attention to the energy forums pal. There are some extremely knowledgable guys in here, Energy threads are by far the best on ET.
  6. Hi my friend.
    I second that!, this is the best place on ET, hands down.
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    Will one of you be so kind as to explain what a scheduler's role is in energy trading? I come from the bond world. I would like to know.

  8. The question was "how long does one usually need to work as a scheduler before they could be a serious candidate for a gas trader job"

    I doubt even the Energy forum is going to answer has the capability to answer this question reliably
  9. Esentially everything that is required to move gas from one location to another on a pipeline(s) and making sure that it is all accounted for correctly.
  10. There isn't a good answer. I've seen it happen in as few as 3 months (Small company, a trader quit and the scheduler had to step in while they searched for a replacement. They eventually decided to let her become the permanent trader for that book) to many years, too many variables to make a generalization.
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