Is a Bloomberg worth it?

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  1. I used to think a Bloomberg was expensive but i don't think any other trading platform comes close when it comes to data, news, charting, econ data, historical data, etc. If you try to buy all these services seperately you can easily pay double.
    Can one execute trades thru IB using Bloomberg?
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    the guys in my office use bloomberg...and they lose money hand opver fist... :D i use esignal and lose hand over fist :D so in the end its just you and ur position...peace
  3. Yeh...but at least you can say....I got a bloomie!

    I don't have one, I have two readers, two news services, and cnbc, TS for charting, and the cost is probably about half of a bloomie.

    If bloomie realizes that they charge too much, cut their prices to about 35%, I'll probably splurge for one. IMO, they are overvalued!
  4. A Bloomberg is not expensive considering how many features it offers all on one platform. I assume thay have the best charts, best data tick for tick probably, the most historical data on nearly every single market, the fastest news, etc.

    I wonder if backtesting on a Bloomberg is as easy as in TS? I also wonder if Bloomberg charts have weird features like Ensign's Equi-Volume Bars (not that I use it or would use it, just wondering how advanced their charting and indicators are).

    They don't list the platform features or pricing on their website:
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    It really depends on what features you need to trade. Bloomie is really handy cause it has all the info you can imagine (well almost everything) at your finger tips.

    Yes, you can trade thru Bloomie, but not sure about IB (check with IB and/or Bloomie)

    Btw, Bloomie charts are not that great.
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    I think you'll find Bloomberg to be vast overkill if you are primarily involved in short-term trading of stocks/futures. Aside from news, it has its roots in the fixed income world - and has a lot of complex tools that are useful for FI investors (particularly) and dealers. Its also pretty good for option analysis (especially for OTC stuff) in many markets. It has a lot of fundamental/economic data too. That is really what you are paying for. But I find it very clunky nowadays, and the help desk is pretty bad.

    The charts are better than they used to be, but I think you'll find them very lacking in terms of customization, especially relative to cheaper alternatives like CQG.

    Hope that helps!
  7. Bloomberg is a waste of resources unless you're into OTC markets. Some of their pricing on structures is abysmal. Save your money.
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    Bloomberg is overkill unless you need to know bond rates in Sri Lanka for some reason.

    News is great though.

    If you're going to go, go all the way and pony up for Aspen Graphics charting powered by BB data and have your terminal on the side.

    Best of all worlds. Should be for 3k month.
  9. Yeah bloomberg charts are not very good. Personally I really like esignal for charting having used a couple different vendors. They are pretty pricey though.

    As a whole for the professional trader and im talking about professional not joe schmoe that thinks hes a profession the features it offers is great.
  10. I have been a BB user since 99 and love it! It is worth every penny, it pays for itself over and over. Just a world of information. I use BB more for earnings research than anything. I wish I had a dollar for everyime I use SURP, lol!
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