Is A Bloomberg Terminal Worth It?

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  1. A simple question with I'm sure a not so simple answer...

    Does anybody in here have a terminal they use regularly? If so, do you think it's "worth it"?

    What does it do that cant be done otherwise? For the immense success of Bloomberg LP, id have to think this thing does a lot.

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    If you don't know why you need one...then you probably don't.
  4. it’s worth it if you know what you’re doing.
  5. My criticism as someone who is deeply fundamental from an analytical process:
    - that website sucks! Where’s the quarterly data? And why is it standardized? I need to be able to make my own adjustments or follow the adjusted process a firm takes, not a pre-canned one from Refinitiv etc.
    - where’s the estimate data?! Stock prices trade based upon their future earnings — historicals are just a comparison (& not very useful)
    - where’s granular consensus items? I need to know what the street expects Apple to print at the iPhone unit/volumes level
    - where’s the research? (True you need to link with your sales coverage or brokers) I want to read equity research so i can list all the arguments from all of the major banks
    - where are the chat rooms (yes you need sales coverage turned on from your brokers) to ask industry experts, sales coverage, etc., detailed questions?
    - is there an excel plugin?
    - can I also cross examine against economic data? (In-app run a regression of retail sales vs Macys revenue?)
    - etc.
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    A friend of mine would rather retire if his post-career consulting gig doesn't offer a free Bloomberg terminal. He hasn't been a trader for 10 years. He is actually more product marketing now. And, God knows he can pay for it for himself.

    I think many industry people grew up on it and can't live without it. I am impressed with the quick econ chart studies that I see. Imagine the tedium of scraping industry/gov sites for data.
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    Have to have core needs ie messaging, execution, data feed for excel. Otherwise better options.
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  8. Isn’t it only $2k/month now?
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    Yes + Exchange data feeds
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    Worth if you trade in the millions. Otherwise, you better have a very good strategy that makes use of it.
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