Is a Bloomberg/Reuters terminal still worth it now that social medias exist?

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  1. It is clearly very pricey if you're retail. It's kind of a question of critical mass and scale.
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  2. stv17


    I'm a day trader that trades only by news items and i follow benzinga pro and the TradeXchange, is there a faster way to get the news than by these 2 companies?

    When ever i hear a news on these 2 platforms and i type up the stock symbol in my platform i see that the stock already moved up or down. so obviously .there are other ppl getting the news faster
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  3. News scraping bots will beat you every time. I still have my Bloomberg terminal but it used to pay for itself many times over during the course of the year with breaking news. Now it’s basically a break even deal at best.
    Individual stock news is simply impossible to get before the bots hit the LULD halts.
    Can still have the occasional SPY/QQQ/VXX news play but have to pay up substantially after the algos move the market in a nanosecond.
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