Is a Bloomberg/Reuters terminal still worth it now that social medias exist?

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  1. newwurldmn


    My cost is approx. 2100/month + market data which is another 215/month. There is no tiered service. You get the professional and then you can subscribe to specific data if you want it but the base package is 99% complete.
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  2. Bobbybax


    When I subscribed in 2003, you had to sign a 2 year contract. Not sure if this still applies.
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  3. truetype


    Yes, they insist on relatively long-term contracts to avoid a§§clowns who subscribe for a month, drain historical data from the API, then cancel.
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  4. newwurldmn


    Yes. Still a 2 year contract with a 50% out clause.
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  5. Another shill/troll post. Epidemic here. No one could possibly be this dumb
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  6. Even if twitter was useful. the amount of feces you have to wade through to get to the gems is enormous.
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    Ya know JR... thats not true.
    If you have ever read Peter Lynch, some of his best performers when he was running Magellan came from his kids. Gap Stores is one I remember.
    I like playing EA, ATVI, and TTWO both long and short over the last ten years.... I am always asking my friend's kids what the hot game they are all playing is. Just like what music they are listening to.

    I knew CMG was a hit when it IPO'd at ($28 but it opened at like $41) because every kid in town was going there 3 times per week and raving about how good it was. And I specifically remember Cramer saying it was "overpriced" at $48. Pffff. (I bought in and sold at $62 lol)

    So yeah JR.... don't underestimate what Maxpossiblesuffering is pointing out. The more data the better.
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  8. helgen_1


    If you want to go the budget route, Reuters has the Xenith platform which is the retail version of Eikon. They offer it through Metastock.

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  9. DeltaRisk


    You might want to take a chance on Eikon.
    I use it, it’s much less complicated.

    I’d say what I really think about this, but I do not want any lawyers contacting me.
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  10. For a trader who is mostly into stocks, is it necessary to pay for Reuters or Bloomberg? Wouldn't IBKR TWS be sufficient? I get the impression that expensive terminals are more for fixed income people, not retail stock investors.
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