Is a Bloomberg/Reuters terminal still worth it now that social medias exist?

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    Again, it depends on what you need.
    1K is average now, I pay quite a bit more. But, I also have more than one connection, so I do get a discount.
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  2. Being able to guage market sentiment is an important component of trading in a wide range of time frames.

    Social media threads, including ET as well as conversations one might have with a taxi driver or hear in an restaurant can give you a heads up on timing of a market turn.

    Extreme market sentiment and a price reversal from the underlying trend is an exceptional trading opportunity as this may allow an early position in an extended new trend.

    Personally, I have made some good decisions based on threads on ET such as the recent market correction and high school kid conversations in restaurants regarding real estate before the financial crisis ten years ago.

    Yes, I understand tick action will give one a clue of which sides the professionals and the public are taking. The way I see it, having a solid tool in an traders arsenal will allow then spot an exceptional trading opportunity and to confidently increase their trade size to make the most of the opportunity presented.
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    All these social media things clutter the investing/trading landscape...

    If you follow certain media outlets, being twitter, facebook, FOX or CNN, or newsletters written by someone with a focus on one investment vehicle... you will basically read and see what you're interested in.

    If you're more right wing, you watch FOX News... and the way they depict certain things is completely different than CNN does. Same fact, different story line.

    Same with say a gold investor... most are bearish in equities. And they stay bearish... whether we're in a clear bull market or we just had the biggest crash and downturn of the past 20 years.

    Same with Crypto currency people.

    So... for you to decrypt any viable information, and to make it trustworthy... you need to follow a shitload of tweeters... and real time debunk any wrong info and biased news.

    Not to mention how to make a trade out of listening to high school kids with more zits on their face than dollars in their accounts...


    Long skittles long skittles!!!! :D:D
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    Besides Skittles... the only reason for me to trade something on 'discussions' of high school kids is buying into the condom industry.

    Or so it should... I guess a good hedge would be the diaper industry...

    Except if you live in the bible-belt... I guess then it's any publisher that runs bibles?
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  5. Are Reuters Eikon terminal and Bloomberg terminal a piece of software that can run on Windows 10 PC? Is there separate hardware for these terminals?
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  6. Are Bloomberg or Reuters willing to handle retail investors? I went to their website. No price available. It's always contact their sales. Do they have that "Your business is too small to be worth my attention" attitude towards retail investors, even if we don't mind paying $1.8k per month?
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    They will sell to retail. I have my own terminal. It’s very valuable for me because it allows me to leverage my time. With my day job, I couldn’t trade at all if I didn’t have a system like a Bloomberg terminal.
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  8. May I ask how much are you being charged for the Bloomberg terminal? Do they charge you extra because you are retail investor? Some big companies prefer institutional customers and charge extra to small fries.
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  9. The idea behind “high school trade” is that when high schoolers are talking about the financial markets, it is likely that an extreme in sentiment is reached. Although are probably just parroting their parents, it shows the financial markets are top of mind in the general public.

    A trade idea, such as in this example, combined with confirming market action can get one in early on a long-term trend change.
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    BBG is famous for not discounting, so retail is on the same level field as the big banks. As to Win10, yes BBG (including mine right now) runs fine on it.
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