Is a Bloomberg/Reuters terminal still worth it now that social medias exist?

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  1. Both Bloomberg and Social Media trading are overrated and useless.
    You should be able to trade alone in the woods, or Antarctica, or the ocean or a mountaintop with only a laptop.
    Many people think or assume you need people connections and HFT technical connections to succeed in the market and pull out a profit daily.

    Trading, at its core, is incredibly simple and basic -- yet extremely complex and dynamic.
    Not everything is a straight line in have to be prepared for the unknown...a rope or road can stretch for miles, when you think it will only be a house's width.

    Imagine the SPY/SPX/ES chart's daily can be relatively short...if it's basically straight upwards or downwards sloping and moving.
    Or it can be somewhat longer if it's more erratic.
    Now, imagine that rope line dancing. in daily revolutions of one day, a week, month, the speed of light, to slowing down to molasses,
    What makes it move or dance the way it chooses to, what are the dynamic variables and impulses,

    If you can decipher will be rich. o_O
    Everything else in the marketplace to trade or toy around with is nonsense.
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  2. truetype


    I very much doubt you've ever "shelled out" a single dollar for Bloomberg.
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  3. JackRab


    Who compares Twitter with Bloomberg Professional/Terminal etc? Come on... really?? You'll be fine with relying on real time tweets about IV, credit spreads, bond yields? Not even talking about fake news ;)

    I don't think you know anything....
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  4. tylerbose


    Thanks, i'll give your opinions the attention they deserve.
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  5. JackRab


    So you're saying you put the same amount of value to a tweet about financial information, from some random guy you don't know ... as to real time professional info?

    You get what you pay for...

    Not saying BBG is good value for money for me, it is for some... probably not for most... but a tweet is a tweet. Before you do a trade based on a tweet, you need to weed out the spelling errors, than potentially translate it to English (or whatever language you prefer)... than fact-check... shit... too late?
    I used to fact-check BBG... but twitter... that's another level.
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  6. DeltaRisk


    I personally use Eikon, much cheaper than a Bloomberg Terminal with the same exact information. If you’re just reading retail, you have no use for either. Futures, yes. You might want to invest in a platform but otherwise just use a regular company.
    2k a month versus 100-200 a month is significant.
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  7. JackRab


    Is Eikon 200 a month?
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  8. zdreg


    A fully loaded Reuters Eikon terminal costs $1,800 per month. On average Reuters users stay with a setup costing around $800 and it starts at $300 for the bare bones version. That is dwarfed by the price of the Bloomberg terminal, which clocks in over $2,200 dollars per month, before additional live fees.Dec 10, 2013

    as of 12/2013
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  9. Fortunately, I don’t need news to trade. News is noise if you really know what you’re doing. By the way, I know what I’m doing!
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  10. DeltaRisk


    Bloomberg costs much more than that in 2018.
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