Is a Bloomberg/Reuters terminal still worth it now that social medias exist?

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    everything is in the title.
    I find it very hard to shell a couple grands a month for something that has very little edge over Twitter which is Free. on some occasion Twitter has been faster !
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    It depends on what you’re trading, and or investing in.

    Twitter can’t give you up to date credit spreads, FRA/OIS spreads or anything really derivatives related in real time.
    If you’re trading stocks and options then just go ahead and stay with that.
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  3. I would image Bloomberg to be a consistent source of relevant, high quality information.

    Personally, I find free mainstream news to have some value as they are fairly consistent in being on the wrong side of things. It’s like the free news is a medium to get the public on the other side of a trade versus big institutions. We see this with media “hysteria” regarding headline earnings reports.

    It usually takes time for large institutions to acquire or dispose a position of significant size. Thus, they need to feel confident about the long term viability of a new position. They look at things such as new products, regulatory changes, demographic trends, management changes, etc.

    These large institution appear to have some influence on the media through various means as well.

    One advantage small traders have is the speed they can acquire or dispose of a full position. More small traders should realize and use this advantage, as they will usually be at an information disadvantage compared to the big institutions.
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  4. Yes - Bloomberg that is, not Reuters.
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    Sorry, i must've specified for Future trading.
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    Could you explain, Please?.
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    You're talking about fundamental analysis made by "experts" ?.
    i'm more interested about breaking news, for example when Trump flip the f*ck out and decide to tax import.
  8. We couldn't live without it.
    Social media is frequently late or wrong.
    Social media is frequently people just talking up their position/book.
    For some markets and spreads it is the best quote.
    For many markets there is very little available without a bloomberg.
    Very good analytics for derivatives and converts.
    If you trade "outside" of primary hours it is frequently the only real source of any information.
    If it's too expensive for you - you are giving up some edge to the folks who have it.
    One trade done without good information could lose you more than the years rental.

    How many more reasons would you like?
  9. It might be worthwhile to have an extra monitor or space on an monitor dedicated solely to watch Trump’s tweets!
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