Is 56 winners out of 64 total positions a good trading record?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mrmarket, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Just curious about what people think in general....
  2. 57 is better but 56 will do just fine :D
  3. That's an 87.5% win rate for those that are too lazy to do the math.
  4. Depends how big those 8 losers are smart-guy. C'mon bro you and your Wharton degree should know such things...
  5. i get a kick out of you. i got to ask are you a dick in real life. i got to think how you act is a joke. also yes its good as long as you didn't lose on your 8 others the money you made in the 56.
  6. sjp


    This is a terrible record. Its time to stop pal, before you take yourself and the rest of us down with you.

    A good trader is displeased with anything less than a 99.995 success rate (on a trade by trade basis). You are clearly short of this percentage, and should therefore consider yourself rubbish.

    Angry Trader
  7. bebe


    In professional money management, the winning ratio simply does NOT matter. There are many other factors to look at, one of the most important is your max. drawdown. If you win 85% of the time - but some of your positions drop 30-40-50% before becoming profitable - that is unacceptale, that is NOT trading - that is dreaming and being lucky at the end. You should know in advance when you will to take a loss ("I am holding this position until it finally becomes profitable" is unacceptable)

    If your winning ratio is 85% AND you never lose more that 6-8% -
    that is something to talk about. That IS trading.

    Good luck!
  8. Come on! He says he's a 44 year old Wharton grad (yet cannot name his 3 famous classmates), and acts in a shameless manner touting his own free website at every opportunity. How many Wharton grads do you know that are wasting time on message boards? Donald Trump? Steven Cohen? mr. market is a friggin embarrassing joke. And he's married to abby joseph cohen to boot.

    He's an embarrassment to Wharton grads everywhere who are accomplishing real goals in the business community.
  9. sjp


    He is not a proffessional, nor does he manage money. He does however, manage to demonstrate what a fool he is.

    He is clearly deranged and I suggest we all ignore him and carry on our intelligent conversations elsewhere.

    In fact, I hereby ban the 'wharton grad' from posting again...

    There, I did it.

    Infuriated Trader
  10. traderob


    It means litle to me because I saw your drawdown on some losing positions. Some you are still holding even though they are over 30% in the red. I can't trade like that so couldn't follow your calls. But if you can keep that winning streak it is impressive, especially if you do so during the next bear phase.
    #10     Mar 2, 2004