Is 27" too small for QHD resolution?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ET180, Aug 22, 2020.

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    I'm thinking of upgrading my monitors. My main monitor is 25" FHD. Thinking of going to 27" QHD. Is that too much resolution for the screen size if I'm about 18" away from the screen? Assume that I don't increase the screen scaling. I don't see the point of going higher resolution and then increasing the scaling.
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    Higher resolution monitor is pleasing to the eyes.
    FHD seems to be like an obsolete/outdated technology .

    As technology becomes more & more advanced, and with manufacturing
    becoming more efficient, monitor resolution will get finer and finer.
    and monitor price will become more and more competitive and attractive.

    It doesn't make sense to go for lower resolution monitor unless the
    higher resolution monitor is priced too high.

    when you use high resolution monitor,
    you can still use the scaling number.
    you can even decrease ( not increase ) the scaling number.
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  3. I have a 27" QHD... it's OK in native res.
  4. d08


    I'm going with 28" UHD (4k) probably. Scaling can always be performed on the software side.
  5. I started with 4k 27" - horrible experience. I'm currently using multiple 4k 32" and it's OK but not perfect. Pixel count is great but ppi is unfavourable.
  6. xandman


    For a 27", I need to be running a resolution of at least 2580 by 1440. Otherwise, everything looks large and cartoonish.

    I think the optimum is 23" at 1080 on multiple monitors.
  7. SanMiguel


    29" with some nice girth
  8. ET180


    Thanks for the feedback. Most of the time, I'm reading text in an editor. So I can always increase the font size if needed. FHD at 25" feels fine without scaling. I can use my computer for hours and do not feel eye fatigue. I have good eyesight and want to keep it that way. I'm assuming that QHD on a 27" won't really strain my eyes any more than FHD on 25". Otherwise, I probably should just stay at FHD resolution as I don't really want to go beyond 27".

    I could always apply scaling, but that feels like a waste as it just puts extra load (although minimal) on the GPU with no benefit.
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    I think that might be too small of a display for that resolution. For 4k, rule of thumb is 32" or larger.
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