Is 2010 the year of the food crisis?

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  1. This was sent to me and I don't know if it's true, so I'm posting this as an Ag thread. Can as many as possible give confirmation of the state by state reports as I don't live in the US.

    Is this a true picture of what's coming or sensational crap?

    Any genuine informed help appreciated from the Ag community. I'm not interested in the rest about the future of the US$ as I can draw my own conclusions there.


    *****2010 Food Crisis for Dummies*****
    by Eric deCarbonnel
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    <a href="">But just in case...</a>
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    POT (PotashCorp) didn't sell any potash fertilizer for the year of 2009.

    Don't see how farmers can just refuse to apply fertilizer...and magically, yields won't be impacted.
  4. >>Is 2010 the year of the food crisis?>>

    Not in my home. We have two years of non-perishables ready to go, including meats, fish and milk. Beans and rice would get old very quickly. And if nothing happens, we eat it. Nothing lost.
  5. the looming food shortages are not much different than the Peak Oil or the Gold quintupling in price, etc. doomsayers.

    They repeat it every month, for decades. Something happens, they crow like roosters at dawn. Somehow, we seem to keep rolling along.
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    More CO2 in the atmosphere makes plants produce more. (come on global warming) It will take the coming ice age to create a food crisis.
  7. I still have a cache of food left over from Y2K :p Maybe I'll finally get to use it up.
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    Are you suggesting that all the rain that the agriculture states have experienced which has restricted the crop harvests and the drying silos that are unable to process more wet crop harvests is a "non event" and should not have any effect on the food supply (incl prices) either short or long term?
  9. Obviously, that has little to do with the point.
  10. Didnt you hear? Monsanto has been selling their magic beans to all the farmers.
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