Is 10% of profit enough

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  1. henry76


    I think 777 summed it up , we know they're crooks, parasites who crop up in sites like these , can't be gotten rid off , just avoided , this particular one shows bad judgement , is insulting people the best way to fleece them , I think not .
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  2. Overnight


    He didn't delete his comment, it is still there. He replied right after you saying he blocked you. The curious thing is, I didn't think that when you block someone so you cannot see their posts, it also blocks THEM from seeing YOURS. An odd feature.

    If you still want to see them, just log-out of the forum and view anonymously.
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  3. henry76


    Oh I get it, he started it ? Oh no he didn't , etc, I think we have your measure.
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  4. Overnight


    Yikes, those finance guys have ZERO good taste in men's fashion. NEVER place a pastel/striped tie over a white shirt with a dark suit. They look like clowns. Cookie-cutter business chaps, no sensibility. Makes me mad.

    And the guys second and third from the left on bottom row? Geez, get a better fitting! Looks like they are going to pop buttons.

    All them bitches should not be allowed to have money with that farcical display of clothier acumen. Hate them!

    (Sorry, that pic offended me. Carry on.)
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  5. jem


    Stripped tie on white button down shirt in a properly tailored suit is a classical new england prep look. It will never go out of style in my opinion.

    now if you are going to wear one of those new high armpit skinny suits and go for the otherwise preppy look you run the risk of looking like a clown if you are not model thin... but that is because any suit tailored like that makes you look like a clown if you are not thin. the white shirt just calls attention to how stupid you look in a suit tailored for someone else.

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  6. Overnight


    It is neat finding a kindred spirit on the forum who has such a robust post history for the first time. Jem, never seen any of your posts before, and your nick reminded me of...


    Sorry. Anyhoo, hail and well met. I disagree with you on that men fashion bit. The "New England prep look" is offensive to my eye. No way, no how, it needs to just go away. (I hail from New York. Perhaps that is why?)
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  7. 777


    You don't even give a time frame for your not-enough-information question.

    10 percent a trade? 10 percent a year? For life?
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  8. lylec305


    10% of profit paid every 3 months
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  9. henry76


    If it's the only offer you got it's probably your best offer
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