Is 10% of profit enough

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lylec305, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. lylec305


    Sure, It is 10% of profit, no downside protection. That is your responsibility, no guarantees like everyone else. Send 100k to start.
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  2. sss12


    Sounds like a pretty good deal...for YOU !
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  3. lylec305


    The pro's charge them 20%, that's their current deal with financial advisor, annual return about 6%. I've been mentoring them on my trading system for years, on and off, they see my returns are more than triple what the advisor pays them. They came up 10% of profit, I just trade their account for them, duplicating my personal trades. They understand my system and trades, but afraid to trade on their own. We see it as win win. I'm not altering my life from the extra proceeds lol.
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  4. sss12


    I was responding to Millionaire's quote of 60/40 split.
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  5. JackRab


    Yeah, that split doesn't make any sense... seems like the Millionaire's family doesn't know the law of the land in this...
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  6. ironchef


    I thought he said he took care of down side for his investors? No losses over 10%.
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  7. rb7


    I have done it once. I was taking nothing for the first 20% of profit, and 50% after that, +2% flat annual fee.
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  8. i got 1% of 5% once and made alot of money, was pretty happy. but we were throwing 1500 large sp's back in the $500 a point days.
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  9. henry76


    lylec , if I were you I'd take 10%, if your successful more will come of it , easy to ask 20% when you've made them a ton, and probably more people funds come your way , better to start today and small than hang put for a load that may never materialise,plus you can front run these trades a little too.
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  10. d08


    And he deleted his comment once more, it appears. My reply was to him saying that "successful people share their success" and that's why I will never be successful.
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