Is 10% of profit enough

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lylec305, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. lylec305


    Associates have offered me 10% of profit to trade their account. Is that enough?
  2. Robert Morse

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    Not enough information.
  3. lylec305


    what is required? I'd like to keep this as simple as possible. Earn 10 bucks, i get a buck...
  4. toc


    Instead of 2/20, the 1/10 structure for incentive accounts makes much more sense.

    If they are giving 0/10, then make sure to ask for some fixed couple hundred bucks monthly from each account, as getting extra technology/help to have an "operationally" very efficient trading desk will definitely help both parties in the longer term.

    Although after a hurdle of say 15-20% returns you can ask for incentive to be raised to 20%.
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  5. Robert Morse

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    You're just not providing enough information to help. I don't know what the asset classes is,I don't know what you're trading strategies is, I don't know how much a AUM you're being offered or what your projected earnings are ...::
  6. lylec305


    Min 100k account, the underlying is irrelevant, my strategy
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    Maybe someone else can help you then, but any number we come up with is random.
  8. See how things work out for you, and your associates.

    If you are truly good...then I don't see why you can't ask for a bigger share of the profit pie, o_O
    The bargaining chips have slightly moved in your favor now,

    But chances are, you are basically Average (if not piss poor) -- no offense, just reality.
    ...nothing to get excited about,

    Trading is a finicky and fickle business;
    The magical words of 'Past performance is no guarantee of the future'...are ever so golden...and I hope your associates are well aware of this.
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  9. lylec305


    I'm just starting out trading other peoples money. For 3 months i did it for free and they see the value compared to professionally managed account, we agreed on 10% of profit.
  10. gkishot


    What if they sue you for losses?
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