Is $1 Trillion bail-out "big ponzi"?

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Is $1 Trillion bail-out "big ponzi"?

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  1. talknet


    The USA government is taking money from new investors (tax-payers) and giving it to old investors (bankrupt giant companies)

    There is 100% possibility/chance that the giant companies will shut down. Past history says bankrupt companies do not survive for long because they are already bankrupt. Also now "sales future" is not guaranteed because $60 trilion loss has destroyed world economy.

    Now the question: Is $1 Trillion bail-out "big ponzi"?
  2. BSAM


    No, it's a big pile of shit. How much more will "the people" take?
  3. the whole thing is a ponzi scheme. were trying to bail out ourselves with ourselves.

    How are you going to borrow money from income that doesnt exist?

    Bernanke is a retard and a moron. Krugman isnt far behind.

    plan for the worst case scenario
  4. talknet


    Too bad there is $1,400 Trillion of wealth left to evaporate and will probably only be about $200 Trillion at current values left when all is said and done.

    $1 Trillion = $1000 Billion.
  5. dont forget about CHINA .... lol

    what till china dumps on us look how much they own in bonds
  6. achilles28


    Yes, its ponzi.

    So is the banking system - rob value through inflation then give counterfeiting power to banks. Who then juice interest off money they never owned!!

    Its all a ponzi. Look at the back of a 1$ Federal Reserve Note.

    That all-seeing apex represents the banking/political/industrial elite who sit atop the world by virtue of dominating us, the stupid sheep.

    They get rich off OUR BACKS.

    Its a parasitical-hierarchical system thats been around since the days of Harrod.

  7. talknet


    I agree with you. If the banks are suffering losses then central banks can always "print money" to pay interest to depositors.

    Banks have the monopoly of printing money
  8. A large amount of it is.

    The rest of it is serious but stupid politicians that think government is the way out of this mess.

    Asking the government to bail everyone out is like asking your friend who is 30k in debt to give you a 20k loan.

    The pain killer addict only delays the rock bottom but when the rock bottom finally comes it will be ten times worse.
  9. talknet


    China and India are responsible for $60 Trillion to $120 Trillion loss which has destroyed world economy.

    China & India are "world's headache".

    USA, Russia and Europe should collectively Bomb China & India back to stone age.
  10. It's a well kept secret that Paulson was consulting with Amway reps prior to his TARP proposal. He is now a Double Diamond rep and the whole country is his down line.
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