Is 1,000 shares per clip common?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jimclark, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. I'm talking percentages, not dollars. SIRI falling 3 cents is the same as RIMM falling a buck in terms of percentages. Same loss=same percentage.
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  2. This is does not sound right
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  3. microinterest ????
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  4. We don't generally trade stocks like that, we prefer predictability vs. volatility, too risky. A few do, but tnot many.


    (Mr. Darnit: I only trade about 500K shares per month, primarily on the opens and for the MOC imbalances. Somebody has to work around here, LOL. I'm usually on the phone when I'm posting on ET, and the little "bell" rings when there's something new on ET, I respond as quickly as I can.)
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  5. No, not microisntrest..but "If you have 25K, buy 100K of stock and it falls just ONE percent you LOSE 1K"

    That was not very clear to me...given I don't let a stock drop $1... Given the share size and I keep tight stops...sometimes I do get whipsawed but .... who does not :)

    I try to be in no more than 3 positions at any given my trading I highly focused.

    Thanks for the note!
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  6. You gotta build a strategy that this wont happen on. I use this kind for my trading as well. I was worried about the same thing you were. There's a way around it, but im not much for helping these days. Just look at a few charts and build a system.
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