IRS Would Add 5,000 Employees Under Obama's Budget Proposal

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Banjo


  2. Congress should be TARRED, FEATHERED AND RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL.. if they pass this budget.

    We didn't elect a Republican majority and Tea Party Freshmen to rubber-stamp ANOTHER $1.5T Deficit Spending binge by Odumbo!!

    They're ruminating about whether to "cut $35B, $100B, or $500B"... ALL BULLSHIT.. THEY NEED TO CUT $1.5 TRILLION!

    :mad: :mad:
  3. zdreg


    the issue never moves away from obama's desire to control every american and make them dependent on the government. they will use the taxes collected from the high worth individuals and corporations to hire more agents to go after every american regardless of income or assets.
    it is all part of the redistributionist philosophy of socialism to make everybody seemingly equal.
  4. 5000 new agents? Well, that's one way he can increase employment since he fails at everything else.
  5. LEAPup


    Zdreg, Scat, and Bishop, agreed completely!

    5,000 more IRS bureaucrats... God bless america!:( will the last one out with common sense take the flag, and turn out the lights please!:(

    I don't know why these govt idiots can't look back on history and use that as a guide. Cut govt spending 50% and cut taxes 50% as well. Once on our feet again, entertain a flat tax and get rid of the IRS!
  6. Insane. Stop looking for ways to spend more of our money. Or spend it wisely on a one-time tax code overhaul/simplification so you can cut the IRS in half.

    In Rahm Emanuel's campaign ads for Chicago mayor, whether you believe them or not, he says "we need to make it clear that city government is not an employment agency".

    His buddy in the White House needs to take a lesson there.
  7. pupu


    5000 new jobs in the US?

    That's sure to drop unemployment rate by at least 2 points!
  8. Hire every working age american as tax collector --- full employment and more revenue for the government --- I am a genius :D
  9. Bob111


    flat,simple tax-and they all out. along with blood sucking accountants and tax lawyers. simple and extremely effective move,if you really REALLY want to cut spending..but hey..who would listen..
  10. LEAPup


    When you go from free Citizen to subject, the govt doesn't have to listen... Something has to give!
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