IRS to Seize Passports

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  1. ....if you owe 50K in back taxes. Capital controls are never the sign of a free country, nor is revokation of a citizens right to travel. Again, the whore media assure us it's no big deal, that IRS commissionaires have every right to dictate which citizens can and cannot leave the country, without judicial oversight, review, or trial. Of course, this is all sliding slope, the threshold can be dropped, and the IRS can (and does) make "mistakes"... What happens to expatriates that get hit with the 10 year "exit tax"? Under this new law, guess what? They can't leave the Country. You want to expatriate? You owe the IRS 10 years of *future* taxes, and because you haven't paid in full, you're in arrears, and so by default, your passport is denied until you cough it up. See that? In conjunction with the 10 year "exit tax", this chains Americans to their farms, or forces them to cough up a 10 year bribe to leave their own Country. These are capital controls...

    No Taxes, No Travel: Why the IRS Wants the Right to Seize Your Passport

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    Ten Facts About Tax Expatriation
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    And yet Obama will win the election.
    Citizens of the USA are Stupid, with a capital "S"!
  3. Does anyone else feel like tyranny is accelerating at a furious clip? One day, the TSA take new liberties with our kids at the airport. The next day, it's cops tazing and arresting 6 year olds. The next, Obama's launching undeclared wars and signing bills to throw Americans in camps. Last week, I read the TSA will now be on city *buses*, searching bags and keeping everyone "safe". CITY BUSES. The TSA already run checkpoints on the highways. WTF is going on. This is crazy.
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    North Korea is looking better all the time, huh???
  5. To my knowledge, the North Koreans, Germans and Soviets, never legalized Government kidnapping. They just did it. Not so in America. We put it on paper.
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    I'm sure you've read "Animal Farm".
    So, don't question your leaders.
    They're just doing what is best for you.:p
  7. Dumb us down for the slaughter?
  8. You have to be blind not to see the move toward totalitarianism, Pres. executive orders bypassing the legislative branch, trying to verbally bully the supreme court, etc.

    It is interesting how this is all occurring as annual deficits soar over 1 trillion, just as capital formation in the private sector is declining.

    Government out of control.

    Bye, Bye American Pie.
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