IRS Sons of dogs!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!!

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    Just a rant, I apologize in advance.

    I paid the IRS a little over $17,000 after filing in April.

    Today my Wife calls me at the office letting me know about the 10+ pages the IRS sent showing where I apparently (they think!:mad: ) owe $97,000

    I've always had my returns done by very good CPA's, and haven't had any problems in the past. My Wife faxed me the mess at the office, and I just faxed it to the CPA's and await an answer.

    I have been a Broker and RIA for years, and passed the Level I CFA before failing Level II... I read financial statements all the time. But, this is one statement that I can't even figure out. If I can't figure the statement out, how is the rest of the Country?:confused: :mad:

    I just can't believe this!!!!!! What a "system" the government has in place...:mad: :mad:

    I don't drink anymore, but does someone want to buy me one later?:(
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    I'm going to have to call tax lawyers I guess... Is this really the United States anymore? I feel like I'm living in a communist Country. Wait, we really are becoming one.:mad:
  3. lol call them up offer them 50K to settle! your 47 ahead lol
  4. Could it be the wash sale rule that's got the IRS in a tizzy?
  5. why the theatrics? You prepare your return; that doesn't mean they have to accept it even though most of the time, they do. If audited, you go, discuss the issues so both sides reach understanding of what the tax obligation, and go home. Contrary to popular opinion, the govt AND the filers make errors or do things that are confusing. It is also possible that something popped up from the past. This is not a criminal prosecution. Be mature and go deal with your situation. No reason to stress andd vent. :confused:
  6. There is a big, fat, red headed guy, with a beard on tv that wants to talk to you.:D
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    Define "good."

    Good, as in getting you to pay the least tax legally allowed, or good at getting your taxes below that amount?

    If it's the former your CPA should have no problem clearing the misunderstanding up with no impact to you.

    If it's the later, and an IRS special agent comes calling, then best of luck because those are not the breed of IRS you want on your ass...
  8. "I've always had my returns done by very good CPA's"

    this is the guy you should be ranting too. part ot the reason you pay a cpa to do your taxes is so they will deal with the irs.
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    I don't know. Yet... Waiting on the CPA's to get back to me. I don't think that's it, but never know.
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    Lol! Taxmasters. Seen that commercial a few times. Never thought I'd need something like that...
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