IRS sends $46 MILLION in refunds to ONE address

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  1. Lucrum


    Typical bureaucratic incompetence.

    And the pro big government leftist loons want even more of the this?
  2. jem


    that is truly disgusting waste.

    obviously we did not sequester enough.

    Its time for a 10% sequester a capped budget and now income taxes.
  3. Lucrum


    And the pro big waste leftists will argue these numbers are too small to worry about.
  4. In California, Thats actually considered a small amount of mexicans under one roof. :p
  5. If <strike>white</strike> people don't want to work certain jobs, then there is a need for illegal immigrants.
  6. Lucrum


    ...Then that's tough fucking shit, they should work them anyway instead of collecting welfare for doing nothing.
  7. jem


    I never understood how a leftist could make this point without admitting they desire and underclass.

    In that case americans reach full employment... wages go up...
    Companies then have to invest in techonology... the product becomes even more competitive... we export more... make more money and the govt collects more taxes..

    And or... we go to mexico and put mexicans to work in mexico.
    or we put up a wall to protect us from terrorists and we have seasonally worker passes.

    so many better more human options then having illegal workers slipping in fields.

  8. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Wow, that's a dumb statement, even for you.

  9. Consequences of Durka Durrrr!!

    Whitey doesn't want to work in meat processing plants or in the fields. (There were articles following the above regarding farmers plowing over unpicked fields. If I get time I'll post the links.)

    Tao is just mad cause he's too easy to prove wrong.
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