IRS Scandal Close To Exploding :Curl

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jun 4, 2013.

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  2. lol.
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    Don't stand in front of the fan, spike. :D
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    that applause was cool.

    i told the ricter a few weeks ago.

    Closing down the IRS, explaining that the IRS is really a tool to control votes and voters as the money is mostly just going to pay off interest anyway is an election winning issue.
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    Who doesn't hate the IRS? Just big corporations like GE and Google who move cash off-shore to avoid taxes and democrap pols who use them to intimidate the competition.
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    Like I been saying here for years:

    The IRS is the biggest terrorist organization in the USA.

    The terrorists at the IRS are more threatening to the average USA citizen than al-qaeda ever dreamed of being.

    IRS...that's the threat and now it's been proven beyond a doubt.

    It is past time for congress to eliminate this terrorist organization.
    Let's see if congress has the guts to do it and change us to a flat tax or a consumption tax.

    The day the IRS is replaced with a flat tax or a consumption tax is the day the USA economy explodes upward.
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    As a side note, let me say this:

    Jay Carney: You suck.

    You should go work in a "carny-val".

    Oh, my bad; you already do.
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    Who? Politicians, that's who. Politicians regard the IRS as their bread and butter. If it weren't for the IRS, there'd be no special interests (or a lot less, anyways). If it weren't for special interests, there'd be no lobbyists. And if it weren't for lobbyists, there'd be no huge warchests and payoffs.

    Not saying it is right, just saying that's how it is. Any politician who says he's ready to abolish the IRS is a politician saying "I don't want any more money or power or babes (or in certain democratic circles, little boys)."
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    good point
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