IRS are after YOU - US residents in Canada

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    Could be could live in Cyprus where the government raided savings accounts to pay for Cyprus bailout.

    Scary situation. They pay taxes and then deposit their money into their bank accounts. Next, government does a poor job in managing the money and as a result gets itself into a debt crisis. To get bailout help, they agree with the EU to raid (steal is more accurate) the money you had deposited in your savings account. :eek:

    If things don't improve in Europe, other EU countries will do the same.
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  2. Yes, my opinion would change at 100%. But it is not 100% and I have paid the maximum in my lifetime.

    I do drive fast but never push or honk at people in front or yell at people in back unless it becomes unsafe. In most cases, I move over and sometimes I drive more slowly. Usually they move on or move over and often they are not the cause of the slowdown anyways.

    If the system is corrupt, then fix that or change to a better system. But to fight a battle that you will lose for sure in the long run is pointless. Better to work on things you can do something about. For example I know more about tax treatment that some in the agency because I read and think a lot about it.
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  3. It's the citizens duty to change the government if it is wrong. I didn't read the 'avoid tax' amendment. Concentrate on the money you have left over, not a cost of doing business.

    Or you can do what the majority of citizens do - quit and let the government look after you. Isn't that how we got the government we have. (And people wonder why there is huge unemployment among the youth - they get how to game the system).
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    it's only a matter of time. the rules that allow this are already in place.
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