IRS are after YOU - US residents in Canada

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  1. 'Privacy debate looms as Canada prepares to share bank data with U.S.'
    BILL CURRY. OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail Tuesday, Jul. 02 2013, 6:00 AM EDT
    "A debate over fighting tax evasion versus protecting personal privacy looms large for
    Canada as it prepares to announce a deal with the United States to share banking

    and is '2014' the new '1984' ? tho the slant's different it's still Big Brother and now it's
    World Wide - note all ' more relateds'
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    pardon my english(not native language),but that's contradicting ***. if canada prepares to share data(as it's stated above)-what's they are planning to debate about ? they will give US whatever they want on silver platter. no questions asked. privacy?freedom? in US? forgetaboutit. when people running away from the country and hiding in china and russia-there is must be something seriously f**d up in this land of the free
    where nobel prize for the peace winner ruling the country and issuing executive orders to kill his own citizens with drones without any due process. we are living in truly bizarre time :)
  3. and your point is . . . . . :D
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    U.S. and Canada have already been sharing financial banking data since at least year 2000. They're now doing this to find out more information besides how a U.S. citizen is moving money back n forth between the two countries....private info that has nothing to do with money.
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    i agree with this guy. how about you? yesterday eurofaggots (by request of usa)searched plane of Bolivian president. simply because they suspect that snowden was there. if president of foreign country is not immune to warrant-less searches-what's left? where is the fucking privacy or basic freedoms? and those are same people,who are complaining and not happy about US, spying on them. WHORES
  7. Yes a lot of people stash money away in Canada to avoid detection.

    Maybe confess to the IRS now and hope for a lenient sentence.
  8. I knew one American transplanted former CEO who boasted to some of us in a bar that he was cheating both Canada and the US income taxes. What surprised me was why did he boast about it? Perhaps he wanted to get caught?

    Another Canadian gal was also boasting about deducting her new house improvements against rental income on our baseball team. (Not legal in Canada.) She did this several times. We had a fellow on our team who worked for the tax department. Was she looking to get caught?

    If these folks would just pay their taxes and spend more energy on trading and investing legally, they would be far further ahead IMO. It seems some people just need to feel superior by pulling a fast one on the government.
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    At what tax rate would your stated opinion change? I'll bet it is less than 100%

    Maybe this person's tolerance level to giving up what he has earned to fund a corrupt, inefficient system is lower than yours.

    You remind me of the guy that drives in the fast lane going 75 mph honking at people in front of you going slower, and yet yelling at the people on your tail about driving too fast.

  10. Yes we should just give all our money to government. I know that I like to work 6 months of the year, yes, HALF THE FUCKING YEAR, To pay for government largesse.

    Will you complain when they ask you to pay more?
    And more?

    It's a citizens duty to avoid tax as much as possible.
    Evasion is different than avoidance.
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