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  1. The blacks HAVE been rioting. Here in Chicago, rival gangs are talking to each other, possibly to riot together. [​IMG]
  2. He'd better keep his hard hat handy. Won't be any significant improvement in US employment for DECADES!
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    New York, surprisingly, has kept a cooler head when other urban centers boiled over. Rodney King, nothing, local team wins championship, nothing, local team loses championship, nothing. I got to give my city props for not following the mobs (so far).
  4. Tavern on the Green, the highest grossing restaurant in the US was closed, lost the lease with the city (ya got me on that one) hundreds of jobs lost.

    The armory in the Bronx, this was going to be a retail mall, pffttt, that plan ws shit canned by the unions.

    Bloomberg is a business man, what is stopping him from creating jobs in nyc?

    On the upside though, at least the people who riot and start fires won't be breathing in second hand cigarette smoke or dealing with the nasty transfat issue when they be clubbin you on the head.
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    Personally I never considered uttering the truth/reality to be irresponsible.

    It's not as if him not saying it will prevent it.
  6. Huh, well might want to stay indoors then. [​IMG]
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    Isn't that Bloomie leading the rioters?

    <img src="">
  8. Yes, that's Bloomie with Mel Brooks. Harummpp Harumppp.

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    And the reason why Tavern never reopened under new ownership is because they could not come to terms with the hotel worker's union in the city. Now it sits empty with a few hot dog and falafel carts slinging shit to the tourists.
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