IRONY: Metatrader4 forgot to shred this document..evidence of scam

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by jjk2, Feb 18, 2008.

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    as many others and i've been crying about staying away from mt4 broker for any live trading, many didn't listen.

    heres more evidence implicating mt4 as a complete scam job.

    i hope you guys enjoy.

    credits to qtmspin @ FF i wonder where he got the doc.

    more here.
  2. why surprised??? isn't it obvious?

  3. I thought this was common knowledge. I found that "plug in" a long time ago.
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  5. The funny thing is, i was evaluating this metatrader platform and it was during a fed realease, i saw price drop over 25 points extra on the mt platform, so i quickly tunred to my other qoute feed and seen that it never went near there, then checked my brokerage account and my trade was still in, since i would have been stopped out by that extra spike. Therefore i didn't take the software seriously.

    I feel sorry for the guys getting screwed by this.......regarding my trade, it was on nzd and it ended up being profitable, if i was trading through these guys, i would have had a loss and a lossed profit opportunity.
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    If Metatrader is doing it, then how many others are that we don't know about. :(

    How many brokers have similar platforms or strategies to screw the client?

  7. And this is what makes me laugh when I read naïve people saying they would never trade through a bucketshop marketmaker and advising people to only trade through a non-dealing desk or an ECN-style broker! They think they're better off somehow or have a level playing field.

    MT4 brokers aren't the only ones to employ software like this, brokers aren't stupid.

  8. MT4 brokers aren't indeed the only ones BUT at least there is some "proof" now for the tactics of these bucketshops.

    At least some ECN's have liquidity from banks on their platforms unlike most non-ECN brokers
    I know different people trading profitable without major issues with ECN brokers
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    jjk2 futures is what i say but if ppl are so desperately absolutely willing to trade fx, might as well go with an ecn like MBT or IB....or they claim they are!

  10. If you want to know why Cabletrader is defending the MT4 brokers..
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