Irony alert: Mitt Romney's final vote tally nears 47 percent

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  1. Shame . . . its so sad the way senior Republicans are throwing Romney under the bus , according to his campaign adviser.:(.
  2. Easier to toss Mittens under the bus than to admit that the GOP at present has a flawed structure. Being to the fiscal right is fine, and frankly one of the appeals of the GOP, but being to the social right is a non-starter, and until they see this, they will keep getting beat down.
  3. Doesn't matter WHAT he said or what any candidate opposing the parasite class' candidate says in the future.

    The parasites will always vote for "more government freebies for me... couldn't care less about a job".

    :mad: :mad:
  4. Romney

    what a misguided clown. Gotta love these spoiled pricks whose fathers are big names and they get a free-ride then somehow manage to convince themselves they deserve it while pointing the fingers at millions of people who have to actually work for a living and live in the real world!
  5. So you're the one who watches that show!
  6. Yep, along the The Racheal Maddow Show, Hardball, and Ed Schultz. That's why I was informed, and you were not.:D
  7. See that post?

    The GOP is going to get their asses kicked until they put clear distance between themselves and people who make posts like that.
  8. But YOU'RE not a parasite.

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