Ironic - Same people that made the last two bubbles

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blackchip, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. are the same people that are "fixing" them by doing exactly the same thing that created the bubbles. :D

    Hope you are long of gold...
  2. didnt gold get absolutely hammered in the crash of 87? I could be wrong but I believe gold got smashed then.
  3. Didn't think 87 was due to inflation. 87 was portfolio insurance related.
  4. Arnie


    In a real crash, everything drops.
  5. Mvic


    Gold, give me a break. If the fed cut doesn't hold the fall (which it won't without further goivernment action) then Gold is going to crap just like everything else. Infact in this environment even with the cuts the $ should hold its ground as money from ariound the world floods in to US treasuries (making the Feds cut even more ineffective).
  6. Bonds and Treasury are still strong.
  7. T-bills are good but inflation still not built in.

    The Central Banks will do anything to avoid deflation.

    Time will tell.

    Maybe the Fed will save everything and make it all rosy again like they have during the last two bubbles. Right.