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    Hey all,

    We want to briefly introduce ourselves to the forum as we just became a sponsor!


    Ironbeam is an FCM and futures broker providing cutting edge technology, support, and clearing services to brokers and traders worldwide. Dedicated to giving exceptional service and dispensing customers with the foremost trade support, our expert personnel and broad market coverage enables traders to trade while we handle the rest.


    Along with almost every third-party futures platform, we offer an exclusive trading platform called Firetip X. It offers what we believe is the only fully-featured mobile futures trading application along with other features like custom indicators and real-time margin monitoring. Firetip X uses our own data feed and is hosted at the exchange data center for low latency and lower cost. You pay no per-side Rithmic or CQG fees as it is a direct connection.

    We offer every CQG, Rithmic, and CTS compatible platform as well.

    Elite Trader members receive 30 days of commission-free Micro Indices trading as well as Firetip X free for 60 days upon opening an Ironbeam trading account.


    We are here to answer them! Feel free to post any below.
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  2. Overnight


    Two bits...

    1...I reckon you need to update this page?

    "What are the fees for market data?
    Non-professional traders will be required to pay (on behalf of CME Group) $15 per month for Market Depth Data for CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX. .."

    Unless you are forgoing the extra $16 per month the CME now charges non-pros for the package?


    "Mailing address
    Chicago Board Of Trade
    141 W. Jackson Blvd.,
    Suite 2600
    Chicago, IL 60604"

    Are you the CBOT, or are just located in their building?
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    Give it a refresh, it's updated. Thanks for the feedback on that. The Chicago Board of Trade is the name of the building we are headquartered in.
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  4. treeman


    Hey there. Thanks for your post. You mentioned a full featured trading mobile app... I'd love to learn more about that. My needs are pedestrian, but there's no information on the site about the mobile app. Any way to try it without opening a IB account? Or find out more information? For reference, I almost exclusively trade on my phone. I currently use TOS, with some minor annoyances with it, but it seems full featured to me.
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    Sure thing. If you go here you can get credentials for a two week demo w/live data. You'll get an email with the download link or you can just search "Firetip X" in the app store. We are releasing some tutorial videos of the mobile app here shortly, I will post here and DM you when they are live.
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  6. Mercor


    Can you bullet point about Firetip X ;offer where it is different then Sierra,Multicharts or others
    How is your DOM different
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    There are many things that make Firetip X unique, and I'll list some that I think are worth mentioning:

    It has its own dedicated direct data feed. It doesn't utilize any third party whatsoever. So your orders go direct to the exchange, and your OCO's or custom orders are held server-side at the Aurora data center where the CME GLOBEX matching engines are for low latency. When you have the quote speed set to the highest, it is completely unfiltered market data. The data is updated to your platform as it comes in, not in interval packets like most other providers/platforms.

    It features real-time SPAN margining. So you can see your account's exchange margin usage including on futures and options spreads.

    You can place orders outside of market hours so that they are pending before the market open, which helps with getting a favorable position in the order queue.

    The DOM is very customizable with many column options, as well as the ability to plot indicators directly to the DOM. You can also trade on the DOM from the mobile app and in my opinion is very user friendly!
  8. Mercor


    I see that deep discount futures has a Firetip platform, is it the same
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    It is not. Only direct Ironbeam customers have access to X. The older legacy Firetip software is offered by many of our introducing brokers.
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    For those interested, we recently hosted a webinar with CME Group covering how the micro e-mini contracts have done since launch as well as some of the benefits of trading smaller sized contracts.