Iron Condors and Stupidity

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  1. Interesting discussion. I find that symmetrical condors are the least profitable. I trade call/put IV adjusted condors with the 1/2 width of long wings vs short wings. My usual credit (depending on IV on S&P) is around 8 points on ES. I do the adjustments of the guts and leave the wings untouched. I have been running this strategy for 10 + years with constant success. In 2008 we made good money as well. It's just the matter of understanding of this construct and having a good plan to maintain it.
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  2. Translate, please

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  3. number of points between current price level and the short put strike vs number of points between the short put strike and the long put strike. The same for calls
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  4. EX: rut index short= apr 370 put=imp,vol=50%
    long=apr 320 put=imp,vol=55%

    buying high and sell low
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  5. You believe that's why 90% of iron condor traders lose money? Because they pay a higher IV for the puts they buy than the puts they sell?

    Are you serious?

    I don't mind paying that higher IV because I trade dollars, not IV chips. I buy lower priced options and sell higher priced options. Goal: lose IV chips, gain dollar chips.

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  6. does Anthony give any reason for calling it "long"??
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  7. diagonal's are different animals since you have chosen to risk more near not sure you can ever say I have "bought" or "sold" a diagonal.
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  8. when you say you adjust the "guts" then you are buying back your shorts??? and re -selling them? tia
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  9. vote is simplicity...we are short or sold because we collected cash..don't care about how equilivant it is.
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  10. operating word is "guts". I knew I was not alone.... there are maestro's outthere.
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