Iron Condor using TOS - Profits and Losses

Discussion in 'Options' started by moolah, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. moolah


    If i were to enter a iron condor trade using TOS, i understand that once my order is filled, I will receive credit $$ in my account. Does that mean that the % amount and $ amount i see under Profits and Losses (under the Monitor tab) is irrelevant?
  2. I suspect the TOS P/L Day and P/L YTD is valid and perhaps useful. I am GUESSING you are referencing the "Account Statement" -- it is preferred that you do not over-generalize your questions, so responses can match your inquiry. I do not use the TOS % P/L, as my interest is % of my risk, which TOS does not (cannot) properly account for, as my trades are managed trades.
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    The only thing that matters is Net Liq.
    Second choice would be Net Liq vis Maintenance Margin.

    $$/day (the day's PnL) should be an absolute, but you still get into some eye-opening shitty circumstances by seeking to maximize $$/day, to the destruction of Net Liq. and/or exploding Maintenance Margin.

    The rest of it? Fahgettiboudit.
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