Iron Condor traders in Seattle ?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by apollogat, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. apollogat


    Calendar and Condor traders using vega and delta for adjustments.
    Would enjoy dialogue on greeks. Please respond. Thanks.:)
  2. tigerwu


    Anytime. Are you on the east side?
  3. apollogat


    Seattle. Ballard actually, and you Bellevue ?
    I've been trading condors on the RUT. Interested in Calendars
    as well for the vega factor. What do you like to trade ?
  4. Do the occasional condor. If you have suggestions ....
  5. tigerwu


    Hi there,

    Getting back in trading after a 5y hiatus. Are you guys still around? How was the last few years?
  6. Overnight


    One of them no longer exists, and the other hasn't been on the forum in 6 years.

    Depending on what you trade, it's been great, or shit. :)

    P.S. You win the coveted "ET-most-oldest-thread-bump-of-the-year-award", awarded weekly on a semi-annual basis.
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  7. tigerwu


    Thanks! :cool: I guess everyone here is too busy starting/flipping tech companies!
  8. FSU


    Ha, not even close. This thread from yesterday was bumped from 2002. almost 17 years ago!

    Not to give you a hard time Tigerwu, welcome back and good luck.