Iron Condor Strategy

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  1. There is a ton of material totally FREE, from this forum to online articles. Don't be fooled by the claims - "secret". There is none.

    Research, Learn, Practice, Burn, and learn again!! You will get better.

    I am not sure of your level of expertise, but the name of the game is Risk Management.

    Learn how options and (especially) options Greeks work. Recently a tutorial thread has started on this forum by Optioncoach which you must take advantage of, you can't exepct anything like this for free (thank coach)

    (you can jump to page 6 or 7)

    For the books, spend your money on understanding of volatility and other Greeks:

    - Option Volatility & Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques by Sheldon Natenberg

    - Option Market Making: Trading and Risk Analysis for the Financial and Commodity Option Markets.

    Good trading ...
  2. cdowis


    You might want to look at, and their training. Lots of webinars on the IC.

    Some basics:

    1. There are two types of IC, low probability and high probability, depending on how close they are to the underlying price. Use common sense on how wide the spreads are.

    2. There are several ways of adjusting.

    Those are the basics. Everything else relates to where you want to place the IC, and at what point you make adjustments (or take profits), so focus your training on those two points.
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    Dude, it's only 97 bucks so take a chance and order it. I'm sure it has at least one point or detail that will help you out in your trading. And what is that one point or detail worth? It's gotta be worth more than 97 bucks. So quit being a nancy-boy and order the damn thing already!