iron cockroach

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  1. Does anyone here know what an 'iron cockroach' is?
  2. I think it is quite comical :)

  3. Iron Cockroach is one of Optionetics advanced strategies. Sorry I cannot tell you more about it..Frankly I don't think their strats are worth the money...I would check out Dan Sheridan instead..

    Sorry I cannot be more helpful..

  4. Tums


    it is an eight-legged low life strategy consists of puts and call in a controlled risk fashion that can survive in any market conditions.
  5. MTE


    Watch out for the commissions and slippage foot!:D

  6. I hear it's used when praying to the insect Gods, wishing for better crumbs from the market.

  7. What makes you think it has anything to do with them specifically?
  8. Because they are the ones on the phone promoting it.
  9. that's a bit funny actually - for a whole range of reasons. . .

    db it's just an 'Iron Condor' with the strikes stretched on one side, thus changing risk profile. . . but I sense you know that, so what gives? :p
  10. daymn...I knew I had done accident...only mine tend to be centipedes :p
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