Irish bookmaker says it's a done deal, pays out early for Obama victory.

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  1. Dublin, November 4th 2012: With still more than two days to go before America votes, Paddy Power, Europe's largest betting company, is paying out to punters who backed President Obama to win the US election.

    Despite the national polls showing voters remain largely undecided with nothing more than a sheet of ballot paper between the two candidates, Paddy Power believes it’s a done deal and that Obama is a nailed on certainty to win a second term.

    The gutsy call sees the bookmaker put their neck on the line for over $650,000. Prior to paying out, Obama’s odds fell to a low 2/9 and over the past months Paddy Power have seen 75% of money staked go Obama’s way.

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  2. 377OHMS


    No wonder Ireland is a third world country. They can't wait 2 days for the results?
  3. pspr


    These guys must not be too bright. They did the same thing with a Tiger Woods bet and it cost them over a million.

    Bookmakers Paddy Power pays out early on Woods - and loses £1.3m

    Tiger Woods' defeat at the US PGA Championship has cost bookmakers Paddy Power £1.3million after they paid out early on the world No.1 winning the tournament.