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  1. What is Iris?
    Iris, the Chronos Technologies pairs trading software, is a market neutral trading system with 100% automation capability that strategically executes trades based upon quantitative factors entered by the individual user. The system is designed to decipher recognizable patterns of trading activity in correlated instruments and to execute a trade when specific mathematical conditions are met.

    The Advantages of Iris
    A distinguishing advantage of the Iris trading system is that it removes the human element of trading as much as possible and does not allow a trader to deviate from predetermined risk guidelines. Iris is designed to fit the trading model and preferences of the trader. The software is adaptive to real time market conditions and has the ability to diversify risk across a variety of industry groups. Iris also offers reduced risk by utilizing market neutral trading.

    Market Neutrality Benefits
    The obvious benefit of a market neutral trading system is that you are not subject to the risks of the broader market’s directional moves. By entering dollar neutral, paired long to short positions, the effects of overall market movement are minimized. Profits are captured on the convergence of the two instruments and not the market direction. More simply stated, Iris has the ability to profit in all market conditions.

    Why Should I Use Iris?
    Due to the scalable nature of the system, risk is further reduced by leveraging the capabilities of technology. While in full automation mode, Iris can execute and trade a multitude of positions that a human would not be able to manage manually. Because of these capabilities, the system can trade a larger group of smaller positions to be more diverse and less concentrated in any given instrument. This diversity reduces price impact from sending orders to the market, which results in better execution and fills.

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  3. vix futures? ag spreads?

  4. Currently only US equities/ETFs are available to trade on Iris. In the future we plan to allow options, futures, foreign equities, and currencies.
  5. Currently IRIS only trades US equity's. We are working on adding all world markets and futures.

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    Can you give an idea of when you think that will happen?
  7. There is no ETA but it should be rolled out in the next 8 to 9 months