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Discussion in 'Trading' started by PairsGuy123, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Have any of you used the Iris pairs trading platform? I came across it recently and have a trial version and am wondering if anyone else uses it for their pairs trading. The functionality absolutely blew me away (very user friendly, has fully auto feature and very nice charting system) so I'm thinking about moving frwd with a live account at interactive brokers (one of the firms it's offered at), but wanted to first see if anyone has experience on it??

    Thank for the replies.
  2. alydanny


    I saw this software yesterday as well. I spoke with Ryan McKenzie on the phone. I used to do trade for an HFT firm and he answered some questions to my satisfaction, and think I will give it a whirl eventually. If you do try it can you post here how it went?
  3. okay...i ran this live for the last 3 weeks. i have to say the chat room is extremely helpful. i don't work for iris nor do i get anything from posting this...but seriously check it's free. i've done very well trading off pairsguys calls in this volatile market....
  4. alydanny


    I am considering using it (IRIS) but am worried about brokerage fees. Who are you using to clear your trades? Do you have a recommendation? They have steered me towards Atrirum