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  1. Hi everyone,

    A lot of people have asked that we sign up with ET and participate in these forums so here we are. We hope to provide some good insight on how we trade pairs and provide useful information on our unmatched pairs trading software, Iris.

    Everyday I call out pairs setups in our free chat at There were many swing trades that came in today.. mostly notably were EWBC UMPQ, ED SO, ED XEL, CSJ FXE, HLS DGX, and PNNT IVZ. I called out all of these when I entered and signaled the exits as well.

    Today we also had some great daytrades in PRU MET, CMO HTS, and a few ETF pair trades in EWM EWU, JNK EWU, and DVY IVE.

    I've attached a chart of my PNNT IVZ trade so you guys can check it out. My entry and exit levels are labeled, the blue line is the standard deviation, and the red line represents the percent divergence/convergence. As you can see I entered this pair at 10:30 on Friday and closed it around 10 today. The pair converged about 1.20% overnight.

    I'd like to see a discussion start up here from other pairs traders and hear how you guys have been doing and what software you are using. I highly recommend that you check out more info on our Iris pairs software and join our free chatroom at

    I can be followed on twitter @PairsGuy where I post many pairs setups as well daily.


    Pat Nilles
  2. Tuesday 2-26-13 at 4:25 EST will be having another free online workshop regarding Pair Trading with IRIS.

    In this weeks workshop we will be discussing: Picking pairs.
    There will be a Q&A at the end of the presentation.

    All of our Weekly webinar workshops are recorded and posted at

    Please join using the following credentials:

    I'm a participant:
    Nothing will be downloaded, but Flash is required on a PC or Mac.

    Audio options:
    No matter how you join the conference, everyone will be on the same audio call.

    1. Conference call number:
    Conference number: +1.862.367.5900
    Conference ID: 378-209-690#
    Are you outside the USA? Check the telephone tab for the latest international numbers.*j

    2. Join by internet:
    You can join the audio conference by internet (VoIP) when you have entered the meeting.
    Click on the phone icon in the toolbar to connect. A small download might be required.
  3. Great overnight swing in JPM C and another solid daytrade today. You can see my entries (green) and exits (red) that are marked for every level (if multiple up to 20) on Iris charts.
  4. I think it's pretty remarkable that you can call tops and bottoms after the fact.
  5. Thanks atticus..if you were in our free chatroom or followed me on twitter you'll see all my trades called out in realtime.

    I also attached a chart so you could see my entry and exit points for that particular example..many more calls are on twitter and in the chat all day..every day (before the "fact").

  6. Here's another Iris pairs trade example from today in IVZ PNNT (and you can see a previous trade as well). Please note all my trading stats for this pair at the bottom for the non-believers. I'm also still in this pair to keep things more 'realtime'.
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    rather than to just post pictures of your platform, how about you talk about how it works in terms of how does one gain access to it, why does one have to trade through one specific broker, how the account is held at IB and how it is structured from the broker side.. detail more your platform.. not just show pretty pics.
  8. Please visit our website ...there is a plethora of info on the platform, tutorials, videos, etc. Call for pricing info..that is dependent on where you trade and what relationship the b/d has with Chronos. FYI--we do offer at IB

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    not asking for pricing, I already know your pricing... I am asking you to discuss your platform... isnt that the point of being on the forum?
  10. The software has a very nice GUI and seems very intuitive to use, and is something I'm interested in. But it really frustrates me to have to call up for pricing. I understand all the different pricing scenarios that can occur, but how about a base case cost through one broker?
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