IRC channel for Futures trading

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  1. Anyone interested in an IRC channel for intraday futures trading?

    I created a new channel this morn... irc://undernet/time2trade.
    There is nothing, and I mean nothing, going on in there as of yet. But I think it could be decent with the right gang.

    Trade On!
  2. Have you looked @ #daytraders on othernet? haven't been on in awhile. But used to be decent room.
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    Many out there already on IRC. Some dedicated to futures only, others dedicated to one specific type of futures trading instrument and others involving everything (stocks, futures, options, forex).

    Most are public and some are private.
  4. Cool idea! I'll be there in a little.
  5. The channel is a bust.

    Not enough people. Not enough traders trading. On the other side, quite a bit of big-disk-swinging BS. Overall, not what I was going for and a bust imo.

    I'll stick to my GrooveShark and Spotify playlists while trading.

    Thank you to all who joined the experiment. It's nice to know IRC is still a usable resource.

    Trade On!
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    You saying you closed your IRC chat room because not enough people showed up and not enough traders. :confused:


    If your chat room was inactive, why didn't you advertise it at other forums, facebook, twitter or blogs to let traders know it was there. ?

    The last ET member that created a chat room on IRC said that it took about one year to find 5 quality members. Anyways, he eventually closed the chat room and stop trading due to quitting trading to better deal with personal problems.

    My point, you seem to gave up quickly (less than 3 weeks) on your own chat room.
  7. Less than 3 weeks? I put the kibosh on the room after 3 days!! Of course, the few ET'ers that did participate could have chosen to keep it alive if they wanted. My "experiment" was an attempt to deal with some feelings of loneliness during the trading day by perhaps engaging in pedantic, diverse, and/or actionable trading conversation. I had/have no interest in moderating or otherwise being an operator of "my own" chat room.

    I've since put a 10gal aquarium on my desk with a variety of goldfish types and colors. It's working, for me. They do the goldfish thing whether the market goes up, down or sideways. I do the trading thing whether the market goes up, down or sideways. In time, I might even learn to trade like a dead fish. :eek: :D

    Trade On!
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    Try stocktwits @

    You'll either love the interaction or start thinking that "trading alone" isn't such lonesome as you had originally thought. :D
  9. then, is that chat room already closed?

    Any alternative? I´m interested in chatting with traders.

  10. I tried stock twitst but its too unrealistic, as I dont know how people trade.
    Any place where I can see trading performance not only twits as stocktwits?
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