Iraqis Drag U.S. Corpses Through Streets

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  1. Time to nuke Iraq.

    "Pictures showed at least one person kicking a burned corpse and stamping on its head. A dead man with fair hair and in civilian clothes lay in the road beside one of the cars, his feet on fire and blood stains on his white shirt.

    "Other pictures showed chanting Iraqis dragging a badly burned corpse through the streets and fanning the flames on a body by dousing it with petrol. Witnessess said two corpses were also hung from a bridge and later taken down."

    Did they catch that Iraqi pinning a Going Away card to the body of one of the American contractors?

    Nice guys....

    All that matters is... when are they going to show the video?

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    time to go home ?
  3. yeah time to go home and leave these f*ckers in their sht.
  4. The lions need to be fed again. Come home boys.
  5. Best thing would be to just cordon off their Fallujah shit town and let the monkeys burn each other to hell!

    Why even go near this shit hole?
    So you can drive your SUV's back in the states?
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    and to think for this they get ... A New post office, an upgraded this and an upgraded that ... Wait and see what happens when they hand over the key...back to business fighting amonst tribes....
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    Here's a better idea.

    Since Sodomy Hussein has been in our custody for a while now, it's safe to say that there has been some kind of monitoring device implanted in him, so tracking him now should not be that difficult if we needed to located him in the future. Let's just let him go, one-way trip back to Bagdad, and when people start disappearing, can't buy food, have nothing to drink, no money, no housing, no jobs, no medicine, and absolutely no say in what's going on in the country, we'll just have to tell them that we tried but you didn't want our help. Now realizing that the people in Iraq that were most terrorized by Sodomy and his boys are probably not the ones doing these things, who even knows if it's Iraqis that are committing these crimes. I do know this, losing even one human life a day is too many for my liking, and it's becoming very apparent that we are not welcome there.

    OK, so putting Sodomy back in power would never happen and is a horrible idea, but maybe we should think of just turning over power, getting our boys (and girls) the hell out of there, cuz we're not winning the "hearts and minds" of the Iraqis, the rest of the world thinks we screwed up and is pissed, the Arab street is sitting back and laughing its ass off while still very upset that we keep doing nothing to curb the agression/defense tactics used by the Israelis, and gasoline prices are setting records daily.

    Were we right to get Sodomy out of there, yes, should we still be there, well that's the $billion$ quesiton.

  8. Some of the stuff here is not in line with reality and is an over reaction. If you do that (pull out) then you are the same as the Spaniards (give in) and then the terrorists have won.

    Unfortunately the problem is they do not stick to their own locality - don't forget that they came to the US too (in addition to other places).

    These people have never shown much respect for the the decisions / rules of others. Lets go back to the establishment of the state of Israel. Did the Arabs respect that? Right from day one they wanted to drive the Jews out and were not content with living side by side.

    And do not forget the jealousy of those who are not able to make a decent living to those of us who are a bit better off. ( Try living among them for 7 years and you will start to understand the issues a lot better. )

    As usual the "good guys" have to abide by the rules, yet the bad guys can use whatever they want.

    Turning off the light there and pulling out will not work, just wish it was that simple.
  9. Iraqi Oil Minister Ibrahim Bahr Al-Ulum. Oil ministers meeting at OPEC (news - web sites)'s headquarters in Vienna decided to stick to a decision taken on February 10 to reduce their production ceiling to 23.5 million barrels per day (bpd) from April 1.(AFP)

    And the nay sayers said this was all about oil. Yeah right....
    Isnt this guy supposed to be a US puppet? Riiightt?? RIIIGHT?!?!
    Where is all the cheap oil we did this for? Huh? WHERE??
    Gas prices have skyrocketed since we took control of Iraq.

    Seems these iraqis can only be kept in line by a brutal dictator.
    Targeting civilians? Bunch of cowards.


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    Are you saying we can't nuke them ???????:p :p :p

    Just kidding, I know. Nuking them would destroy the oil fields................:eek:

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