Iraqis are worth less than animals now, Lord help us

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  1. Are Americans military heads stupid people or what? :mad:

    It cost more than $2500 to buy a lion, tiger, rhino, elephant, ...... or may be a donkey for a zoo.

    I remember Iranian received $100,000 for each of 170 victims in airplane shoot down by American last century, why Iraqis life has become so f@@#ING Cheap :confused:


    Despite blaming insurgents for the killings, the U.S. military gave the families $2,500 for each person killed in the incident about a month later, except for four brothers, all of fighting age, he said.

    "When I received the compensation money, I found out that it was $2,500 for each victim," Rsayef said. "I told them that it's a small sum that does not match the magnitude of the disaster."

    He noted that Libya's government paid millions of dollars in compensation to the families of the Lockerbie airline bombing victims. "Is American blood worth more than Iraqi blood?" he asked.

  2. If you are talking about the commander in chief... I agree with you 100% :D
  3. I read the victim families want those responsible executed, waaah what these Iraqis are thinking?

    They should thanks God if financialy they get well compensated
  4. Adobian


    Well, he has just appointed Goldman Sach Chief to head the economic team. Was that wise ?