Iraqi Government Moves To Ban Blackwater Private Security Firm

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. You are right When it comes to prosecution of criminal offenses. But the revocation of the contract of any company falls under the Iraqi jurisdictions.

    AAA is mixing between the two.
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  2. Well, foreign diplomats are immune to being prosecuted in the US. All we can do is kick 'em out. Similar to Iraq licensing Blackwater or not. The result would be them being kicked out.

    But the difference between the US and Iraq is that Iraq isn't exactly a safe place for State Dept officials to be traveling around on their own over there. And so they need protection, and it's a little beyond a rational person's expectation to think that SD's could protect themselves.

    Dontcha think?
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  3. You are placing foreign diplomats on the same plane as an armed private military group that kills the locals?


    Sure, if hired guns working in a capacity of security detail for the Iran Ambassador in America under a diplomatic...shield murdered American citizens, the right wing would have no problem with that, saying "well, that's diplomatic immunity."

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  4. That's a good reason not to allow someone to invade and defeat your country. Iraq is not totally sovereign. That should be obvious. If they said we want all US troops so we can provide a haven for al qaeda, that wouldn't fly. So clearly there are limits on their sovereignty.
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  5. Iraq is not totally sovereign?

    Does their purple thumb elected government know that?

    Is the fact that they are not "totally sovereign" written into their constitution?

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  6. How will you react when sovereign Pakistan "requires" intervention? The Neo-Jacobian's wanted a shake up in the mid-east. Now they're getting exactly what they wished for.

    And the collapse of the USD is a direct result. But standby, it will only get worse.

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  7. nove


    The US had Vietnam. The USSR had Afghanistan. And, for some reason, the US had to do it again.

    If the US can't have its own private thugs will it leave? Or will Blackwater be renamed Whitewater or Watergate and all the staff moved to the new clean fresh water company?
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