Iraqi Government Moves To Ban Blackwater Private Security Firm

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  1. but national policy is that iraq's are sub human."

    No, this is not national policy, this is MAnn Coulter, Limfat, Hammity, and the klannish policy.

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  2. Can this get any more comical? Now we have to ask the Iraqi "government" for permission to move around? Our State Department people are supposed to understand middle east culture, yet they allow themselves to be humiliated like this? The solution to this immediate problem is clear. Arrest that bastard Maliki and dissolve his government. His government is run by Iran, it is riddled with traitors and is corrupt to boot.
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  3. You have had your tongue plastered to hindquarters of Bush and the neocons and their Iraq plan since the beginning, now you blame the country that they helped to "liberate" for our problems.

    You klannish are a mess...

    "Now we have to ask the Iraqi "government" for permission to move around?"

    It is their country, democratically elected...
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  4. No, it is part of the agreement under which we returned sovereignty to Iraq. Every country where the US military has a presence has something called a status of forces agreement, which defines the rights of the host country regarding service personnel. In Iraq there is an agreement that Blackwater and other private security firms can operate and they are not subject to iraqi law or jurisdiction. Why is that so hard for you liberals to understand? It's similar to the arrangement the democrat party has with union goons in this country.
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  5. How do you know Blackwater didn't violate that agreement?

    Perhaps upon reflection, they, the Iraq government, figured out (unlike the redneck klannish who support a business like Blackwater which operates with no oversight) that an unregulated military group represents a danger to the well being of the country.

    Why don't you just admit Iraq is a big screwup, Bush and company is to blame, and there are no greater knuckleheads than those who voted in Bush...twice.

    Repugneklannish take zero responsibility for the messes they make.

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  6. Oh how much I long for such day!!

    it is riddled with traitors and is corrupt to boot.

    Amen brother...Amen!!!
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  7. It's democrats who want to declare defeat and leave the mess. It's so typical that liberals automatically take the side of a corrupt government that runs death squads out of its Interior Ministry and which demands bribes to license contractors against a US company filled with former special forces operators there to protect US personnel.

    As for what Blackwater might have done, the whole point of the agreement is that they are not subject to Iraqi jurisdiction. It is not up to the Iraqis to decide if they violated anything. Why is that so hard to grasp?
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  8. Why is it so hard to grasp what it would be like to have a private rogue military group who acts with impunity in your country, kills your citizens, acts above any law, is not under the oversight of their own government...

    Imagine if this were happening in our Country...

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  9. Who told you that??? That is not true! They are subject to Iraqi jurisdiction as any other privet company in Iraq.
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  10. I could be wrong here but my impression is that they are not subject to Iraqi jurisdiction per arrangement with the occupation authority prior to the formation of the Iraqi government. They are not subject to US military code of conduct either because they are not part of US army. In other words, they are not subject to any law, Iraqi or US.
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