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  1. after this non-issue news today...where do you see the CME Globex Iraqi Currency Future going?thanks and advance!!!
  2. I do not know...but..I know that the Canadian CME Globex currency will move BIG time somewhere...thanks for your interest in trading!!!...I actually asked like the same question in another!
  3. As my good friend EqtTrader would say.

    100% up room: $$$
  4. It's like that guy from Chase who buys $1,000,000 Dinars every week. It might even hit parity with the U.S. Dollar, one day.
  5. oh not joke with me...I am very serious...please stop...
  6. No joke, their was a guy from Chase who would watch someone purchase 1,000,000 Dinars every week. Okay so parity is a bit of a stretch, but with the U.S. Gummit printing money, who knows?

    We have M1, M2, M3. If the Federal Reserve can develop an M4, a near money asset class. Who knows what kind of effect that could have on inflationary pressures. Unlike in Iraq, Helicopter Ben is unwilling to raise interest rates.

    Jokes.. Kidding. Just Kidding.
  7. LarryS


    I would avoid the Iraqi Dinar at all is highly illiquid, the country is ravaged by civil war and currently US Dollars get you further as that is primarily what they use for monetary transactions. I believe that a currency is only as strong as its economy and in Iraq even if we find the war ends soon, it will take them decades to recover. There are better high risk intruments out there.
  8. Hahaha, what a waist, that guy from Chase will lose a lot of money…