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  2. This is what happens when you live in a fantasy world like Obama and his minions do. You make decisions based upon the world as you think it should be, instead of the world as it is. Result is bad guys run rampant until you knock them back again. The ME reminds me of a Mark twain quote. "Hell must be empty, because all the devils are here". Fucking place is a madhouse.
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    This is the problem with removing a despotic regime with absolute control. The void is too big to fill. There was no exit strategy. The only answer to these invasions is time. You need troops on the ground for decades.

    There is no Dayton Accord here... rules like this don't apply to zealots.
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    Hey genius, who put us there? Where was the conspiracy with al Qaeda? How about Wilson and the Niger uranium? The 9/11 Commission headed by Kean (Bush GOP appointee)?

    You sir, are a retard.
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    The Obama fantasy is no different from the Bush fantasy or the fantasies of any of the preceding presidents: you can't toss disparate tribes together and expect them to "work it out". Let the Shiites and the Sunnis and whoever else carve out their own territories and take it from there. It couldn't be worse.
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    I do think the American people would support boots on the ground there in light of these monsters. Most of us realize we created this mess.
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    "We" meaning that fucking clown and microcephalic , GW Bush. The only bigger fuck-up was Bush Sr. sending Schwarzkopf and fellow-idiot Powell to negotiate terms with Hussein. Sure, you can keep those helicopters for humanitarian aid...

    The only positive is this fucked-sideways situation is the bad-ass Kurds. You know, the clan that Hussein gassed after Schwarzkopf and Powell allowed Hussein to keep it all (helos used to gas them).

    God love 'em.
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    Actually it was created by the Allies at the end of WW1, but few want to go there. Whether or not they can now be separated is an open question, but putting a Shiite in charge is/was a non-starter.
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    Tsing Tao

    I would support it, even though I tend to be a strict isolationist when it comes to foreign policy. But sometimes evil must be confronted.
  10. Thanks for helping make my point. All of what you stated is completely irrelevant in the world we live in TODAY. Doesn't matter how we got here. Fact is we are here, and TODAYS decisions need to be made on what's actually going on TODAY, not what we wish had happened YESTERDAY.
    I wish I would have shorted KING yesterday morning, but I didn't. In your RETARD world I should still be able to collect profits today because I wish I had done something yesterday.
    I see you're new here. Best bring your "A" game and from the looks of things you are destined for a ass kicking here in the basement.
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