IRAQ War Trading Gameplan for Thur Mar 20 and beyond

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ken_DTU, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. Ken_DTU


    As we wish our armed forces the best (go kick some butt, folks, and stay safe), let's get some thoughts together for potential plays for Thur morning trading and beyond.

    Since there's no uptick rule for ETFs, I would be looking to play gap continuations/reversals in DIA SPY QQQ long and short starting Thur morning, depending on direction.

    Any other thoughts re sectors and stocks (defense, oil, gold) that would be sensitive to war?

    Obvious plays would be short weakness in hotel/tourism/gaming sector and related stocks, any other ideas?

    And might I suggest, we donate a percentage of wins to worthwhile causes, armed forces, whoever.

    any trading insights to share?


  2. burnin


    uncle sam gets his donations from all of us everytime we turn around.
    I hope its over soon
  3. Brandonf

    Brandonf Sponsor

    I plan to get up early and dilagently search the web for free pornography in an effort to keep my hands busy doing something other than trading, as I suspect tomorrow will be a lot like tonight has been. A lot of jerking around (pardon the pun) type of action in the market.

  4. okwon


    LOL :D :D :D
  5. jammy


    LOL Brandon,

    I think I may agree with you on that plan. I went long last Thurs at the close when all the indexes were flashing hammers. Then sold almost all positions on Monday afternoon for a tasty profit. Only position remaining is a JNPR strangle that I had on because JNPR was stuck in tight BB range. Not quite sure if I'll try and leg out one side at a time to capture the volatility that I believe will happen tomorrow, or if I just hold it to see if some sort of trend might develop to make a bigger profit on the position. So far your plan sounds best though.