Iraq War: Projected Cost $1 - 2 Trillion Dollars

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    I don't understand why the US doesn't drill for all in Alaska and the continental shelf in the gulf. Are you waiting for the price to go up?
  2. who cares.
  3. Or taxes could have been lowered. Or the deficit reduced. Or they could have given it all to me....
  4. Iraq's reserves are >112 bln barrel.

    That makes only $10 per barrel.

    Still quite a deal for the Bonesmen around the Bush clan.
  5. osama won.
  6. big time
  7. send Bush the bill to his farm in Texas
  8. The market loves the war, that $2 trillion will go to buisness.
  9. It is funny because I see from a techinical analysis standpoint, that their was a direct effect of going to war and the stock market beginning a new bull market.

    I am sure the market going up after the war and the end of the bear market has produced much more wealth than the 2 trillion spent in Iraq.

    I am very new to this and am not really sure. Unfortunately, I am not able at this time to get enough historical data for the wars before this one.
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