Iraq war is nearly over - turn on the oil and economic recovery

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  1. Are you being sarcastic? or is this another "we won Vietnam" and " people hate our freedom" type stupidity.
  2. If things are going so well in Iraq, why do americans plan to break up Iraq into ethnic boundaries?

    US Senate votes to support dividing Iraq on sectarian basis

    Sep 26, 2007

    WASHINGTON (AFP) — The US Senate approved Wednesday a Bosnia-style plan to divide Iraq on ethnic and religious lines, touted by backers as the sole hope of forging a federal state out of sectarian strife.
  3. In 1861, the Northern alliance led by A. Lincoln started a civil war here to do the opposite

    after the deaths of 620,000, we called him a great President

    like the saying goes, all imperialism is local
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    If Iraq can get settled down politically they can do fine. The velocity of money can be speeded way up compared to the tribal thing they had going. They are not stupid people or lazy, give them a workable situation and they can take the ball and run with it...
  5. We have to wind it down. People are getting tired.

    Our exit strategy for Iraq is to invade Iran.
  6. War in iraq must continue cause it is good for stock market and economy.
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    The Iranian leadership knows it. They have allied themselves with the all powerful Venezuelan Commies and declared themselves invincible!!
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    Absolutely correct. Czech Rep. is a good example of that.
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