Iraq War Costing $5,000/second thread deleted: I don't appreciate it, either

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  1. I posted a thread titled 'Iraq War costing U.S. taxpayers $5,000 per second' and it somehow magically disappeared into the abyss; poof, down the rabbit hole.

    I went to great pains to point out that I wanted to discuss the economic impact of the war's costs, and asked people to not politicize the thread.

    Be that as it may, the thread disappeared w/out a trace, and w/out a clue or explanation.

    If whomever is going to delete my non-offensive and factual thread, at least do me the courtesy of telling me why it was deleted.

    I've seen the most offensive and most useless threads in the universe linger on here forever, but apparently my thread crossed the line.

  2. There is an element of censorship here at ET.
  3. I'm beginning to notice that.

    There seems to be a bizarre litmus test employed.
  4. All it takes is one complaint from a member to the right person...

    Thread is removed.

    However, if nobody complains, ofensive or useless threads do remain.

    Thus, yeah, there is some censorship but it usually starts with members doing the censoring on other members.


  5. How could anyone find a thread stating facts about the fiscal costs of the Iraq War and its effects on the U.S. economy objectionable?

    Does anyone finding such a discussion objectionable want to offer up their viewpoint?
  6. The only surprise is that you're so surprised. If you haven't noticed, there are quite a few mods who are slightly to the right of Ghengis Khan.

    Anyhow... you start a lot of threads here. Just start a few more and you'll probably forget all about this unfortunate episode.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised that you have been blacklisted.
    Pressure from the top.

    Just repeat three times:

    Now continue your normal activites.
  8. hughb


    The disrespect from the moderators seems to be climbing. Most of the chatters here, including the OP, are good contributors posting content that makes ET a good community. The chatters here deserve more respect.
  9. this censorship reminds me of mother russia.
    but then what do ya expect from chickenshithawk klans.
  10. I'm socially moderate, and I'm fiscally conservative (as in core conservativism, not neo-Republican babble-ism).

    The fact that someone zapped my thread is a red flag blowing in the wind that something is seriously wrong with this country, where discussing the objective fiscal cost of an ongoing war in which young Americans are dying every day can't be discussed.

    Is this really the state of our country???
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