Iraq war cost US more than $2 trillion – study

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  2. The most recent major report on these costs come from Brown University in the form of the Costs of War project, which said the total for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan is at least $3.2-4 trillion.

    We have been bankrupted by a bunch of turban wearing, desert dwelling camel riders.:mad:
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    While I agree that the source may be biased, the estimate is not incorrect. Judge the content by it's worth. Don't blame the messenger.

    But hey, the US "secured" supply of oil coming from IRAQ, and Channey and his buddies got rich finding all those WMDs at the US tax payer expense.

    Real nice.
  4. Not exactly. We didn't HAVE to go start those wars, you know.

    Thank Bush* and a war-mongering, "for the financial benefit of supporting defense contractors", Congress.

    America is circling the drain... and our own government is doing it to us!!


    *And don't think I'm just a "Bush hater"... I am, of course, (as any patriot would be) but I hate Odumbo 10x more than I hated Bush.
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    The price of oil is not what you see at the MERC. The REAL price of oil is all the wars and deaths that pile up in order to keep the price of oil ARTIFIALLY LOW.

    Oil should be $200 a barrel, minimum.

  6. Credibility of the source means a great deal IMHO
  7. We know that's hogwash.

    We not only "didn't pay for the war with Iraqi oil", we didn't even get a good deal on buying it...

    The oil market is a world-wide market place. If we can't buy Iraqi oil, we buy somebody else's... and the Iraqi sell to somebody else. We don't need to get oil from any specific place.

    The supposed benefit of our involvement in Iraq "to secure oil supply for America" was just another bullshit lie.

    :mad: :mad:
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    I am telling you one day something horrible is going to happen on a scale that makes 9-11 seem like a fire drill (no offense meant) :

    "The Iran War - How It Will Begin"
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    There are still a lot of costs to come from fighting those waste of money wars !
    The wounded and mentally strained veterans will cost for another 40 years.
    How long will it take the Taliban to take over in Afghanistan after NATO leaves ? Say a couple of months ?

    Should never have elected those dummies in the first place, should you ?
    Maybe the Israelis appreciated it ?
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