Iraq war and war on terrorism is over

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tradersboredom, Mar 1, 2009.

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    Obama was elected to do just that which was to end the war and end the 1 trillion dollar war!

    now the gov't will focus on the economy.

    peace is always good for the markets and economy
  2. "War on Terror" was always a fraud. It began as a simple quest to "bring people responsible for 9/11 to justice" and then evolved to some mythical grand struggle for survival of humanity.

    When W said that he did not care where Osama was, I knew it was a joke. Honestly, US should have simply bribed the Taliban to get them to hand over Bin Laden. Simple and effective.
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    How about America's Open Border Policy during Wartime, against a Guerrilla enemy?

    Bush did nothing to close the border. Obama will do nothing, as well.

    Dick Cheney would scare-monger weekly of an impending WMD attack, yet did nothing to enforce border security or ports.

    Not only have our elected leaders committed high treason, but they're courting disaster. And they know it.

    America will soon be fucked. Imagine what happens to this economy when a few nukes go off in Chicago or NYC???

    Done and done. Game over. Martial Law.
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  5. Briefcase nukes laying around is a popular scare topic but it won't happen and here is why.

    Neither Uranium nor Plutonium just lie on the ground waiting to be plucked up. CIA and other intelligence services track the mining and enriching of Uranium worldwide.

    Even more importantly, enriching Uranium is a highly complex activity that can ONLY be done by STATES (not organized crime or terror groups). Look at Iran which has a lot more money than any organized or terror group and it has great trouble in its in quest to enrich uranium.

    To produce a nuclear weapon you need 3 components:

    Money+Know How+Uranium(or Plutonium) only selected COUNTRIES possess all three(this is not production of crystal meth after all)

    The only situation that somewhat concerns me is Pakistan where Musharaf resigned and the new government is kind of weak. But I assume CIA(and other agencies) is on top of the situation.
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    these terrorist threat is nothing compared to the nuclear war threat in the 70's and 80's when everybody thought that Russia and USA was going to have nuclear war where entire mankind and earth was destroyed by nuclear winter.

    come on man. why all this fear of some terrorist.

    don't forget about 'mutual destruction'.

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    You've shown the rebuttal to your own claim. It's difficult to believe that you are this ignorant, although you did misname "Mutual Assured Destruction" (AKA MAD). Given your grammar, once can assume that you are indeed uneducated in the basics of what threats face this country and how they are to be overcome.

    I expect your understanding would increase if you listed the differences between terrorists and Russians. You might start by noting one is capitalized. List them here, if you would. Honest effort will lead to an understanding of why this is so.
  8. Obama spent almost 1 trillion in is first month of presidency. How the FUCK can you argue about the money government spends.

    Bush was a big government defense spending shithead.

    Obama is a big government social spending shithead.

    The defense spending and nation building from Bush while stupid as hell is not the main problem. The main problem is throwing the chains of debt around our future generations.

    The Social spending and promises to fix the economy from Obama while stupid as hell is not the main problem. The main problem is throwing the chains of debt around our future generations.

    They are one in the same you dumbass! I am sick of all this bullshit political bias. Obama and Bush are the same big government idiots.

    The people in government who control the money love the fact that the American people have been massively manipulated into thinking that these political parties have different motives.

    They have the same exact motives. Money.

    Conservatives are manipulated into thinking defense spending can protect the country and still lead to fiscal responsibility.

    Liberals are manipulated into thinking social and compassionate spending can help the country and the economy.

    One party focuses on keeping people alive from terrorists. The other party focuses on keeping people alive from lack of food, shelter and disease.

    Can you not see the manipulation that big government forces upon its people?